Too much work, short on time?

A(I) can do it!

Introducing AgnitioBot

AgnitioBot is a revolutionary A(I) powered bot that can help you engage in
meaningful conversations with your customer

Easy To Use

Setup in minutes and your customers will love it

Integration With CRM

Ready to integrate APIS with CRM so you can convert leads faster



Not So Artificial

We've put ML to ensure it learns your context of conversations and creates meaningful and emotional conversations



No Form Or Chat

Say goodbye to boring forms and live chat, sat hello to intelligent conversations

Why AgnitioBot?

AgnitioBot helps you manage your leads and customers better. AI helps your employees focus on key tasks and supports them by managing preliminary customer experience for them.

Faster Response Times

Provide realtime quick responses to all your customer queries simultaneously

Constantly Improving

AgnitioBot is learning from every conversation and ensure a better experience next time

What's your business?


Get Started Today!

Setting up is easy

  • Setup within minutes
  • No coding knowledge required
  • On Call Support
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Delight your customer

Managing is even simpler

  • Set up your conversation flow
  • View Analysis
  • Integrate with third party applications

Power packed features

AgnitioBot is loaded with tools and plugins to help make your customer experience awesome.


Speak to your customer in the language they prefer

Mobile enabled

Use AgnitioBot app for mobile based interactions with your users

Smooth Transition

Switch from bot to human instantly for complex interactions


See the conversations analysis and understand your customers better

Multi-Application Dashboard

You can manage multiple applications chatbots through single interface dashboard

Do it yourself setup

Copy paste a small SDK into your application and Voila!

Plans & Pricing

We've got simple and transparent pricing model for your requirement.


  • Conversation Chatbot
  • Dashboard
  • Admin Management


  • Multi Application Management
  • Analytics
  • Multiple Agent
  • Email notifications


Talk To Us
  • Integration with Third party applications
  • Mobile App
  • Multilingual
  • Advanced ML
  • Customisation
  • On Premise Setup


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London, EC2Y 9DT

United Arab Emirates:
1111, 11th Floor, Mai Tower
Dubai - 55510

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New Delhi - 110034

Phone: +91 96506 11222
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